Beyond the numbers, the anecdotal feedback to the book has also been extremely positive, including a review in the October, 2007 Yoga Journal calling Yoga Anatomy "an essential book for any serious student of yoga who delights in the details of asana."

Readers have also posted overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon.com, where the book's sales rank has been strong since its release. "This would be a great manual for any yoga teacher training program as well as for anyone who would like to 'see' what is happening in each asana," includes one review.

Kaminoff, an internationally recognized specialist in the fields of yoga and breath anatomy, is founder and head instructor of the Breathing Project, a New York City-based studio dedicated to the teaching of individualized, breath-centered yoga practice and therapy.

In Yoga Anatomy, Kaminoff and medical illustrator Sharon Ellis depict the most common asanas with full-color, detailed anatomical drawings and expert instruction to provide a deeper understanding of the structures and principles underlying each movement--and of yoga itself.

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Yoga Anatomy

Detailed drawings depict the
underlying skeletal and muscular anatomy instrumental in each yoga posture.
yoga anatomy